Monday, August 23, 2010

BROWSE LIST ~ Argyle Antiques

This is a photographic tour of the Argyle Antique store in Argyle, Ontario. It's roughly a couple hours North-East of Toronto. So far, it's become one of my top favourite antique stores to browse. It's in a tiny little town (one intersection) and each house is now a little shop of some kind; a general store with fabulous coffee, a hole-in-the-wall "antique store", a country goods bakery and shop and this antique store.

I loved it because it was in an old Blacksmith garage style workshop that was actually really large. Everything was half thrown in there and most of it was more rustic than antique (which was all the better for me!). The prices were good and there was lots to wander through. Oh and the best part, Johnny Cash was blaring the entire time we were there! Nothing like some old country, a solid cup of coffee and a warm apple fritter to really make a girl's morning bright!
Old watering cans.

Some sort of dried flower, I just thought it was really rustic looking!

This one is actually my favourite photo! It just turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

Great old blue bottles.

This trunk was another favourite! It was a solid piece of furniture with so much character. The eggshell blue just made it that much more fantastic!

Some old tins.

I also really liked this needlework piece. It was warn and beautiful and the font used for the writing was really pretty.

I'm always drawn to old chandelier bits and pieces - and when it's displayed on chippy white pieces - even better!

This was an old weigh scale of some kind.

Some really old, interesting but of ephemera. I actually ended up purchasing this lot. It consisted of old estate documents, a soldier's calender book, and the best part, an old auction log book. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with them.

An old floatation device, very vintage, hanging from a rusty old garden gate. I wanted both!

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