Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lazy Days

As it does every year, our trip to the cottage has come and gone. It feels like it takes forever to get here and then, barely blinking, the week's over and we're packing the car and saying good bye. It's such wonderful place to be. We are so blessed to have a getaway like that were we can go to refresh and relax. We get to spend much needed quiet time together as a family and indulge in the simple, slower way of life. It's a place where we get to catch up on our reading and waste away the hours of the day sunning on the dock or napping in the hammock. We play cards every night and occasionally drag ourselves out of bed to marvel at the millions of stars that can be seen when one is so far North. It's a beautiful place - full of luscious wilderness and sparkling waters. We never tire of the cottage. How could one? But alas, all good things must come to an end. Our only consolation is that there's always next year.
Here are some photos from our holiday. I can't wait to finally have some free time tomorrow to share the rest of the posts that I've been working on for this week. Check back soon!

I got up early one of the mornings, drove out to the main road and walked up and down picking wildflowers. I brought them back and made some arrangements to put around the cottage. Fresh flowers, even if they may be from the side of a road, make any place more lovely.

The arrangements. This one is by the wall that has each family members framed rendering of the cottage - it's such a personal touch and it always feels special to have your artwork frames, on display for all to see!

The hammock which I spent many lazy afternoons lounging in. Sometimes with a glass of wine and my book, others for a morning nap with my son. As well, the deck, over-looking the water. It's a beautiful place to eat.

An old lobster trap and buoys all the way from PEI years ago, and my inspirational books with my coffee out on the dock.

My tear sheets being categorized... one of the things I look forward to getting around to at the cottage.

The rest are some photos taken one evening when my husband and I went for a romantic paddle around the bay. The lake was serenely calm and we took our time exploring around the shallows looking for wildlife and enjoying the beautiful scenery!

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Some of the few waterlilies - my favourite.

Some of the many beaver dams.

We're always amazed at where nature flourishes. I think it's so amazing to see little trees beginning to grow atop dead, rotten stumps in the water.

My mother-in-law and son were waiting at the old bridge that you cross to get to the cottage when we returned from our paddle - I thought this was so cute because there's a little chipmunk scurrying across the bridge just as I'm snapping the photo!

The dock and our Wheaten Terrier, Chloe, who if she could, would spend her whole life at the cottage.


  1. All of the photos are so special but my very favorite is the one of your mother-in-law and your son..sweet.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog! The cottage has Jackie's and your taste (love it!)


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