Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RECLAIMED RUSTIC ~ The Vintage Fireplace Mantel

This is just a simple, elegant mantel that takes this from a small little area of a room to a luxurious little reading corner that's begging you to come snuggle up with a good book and a hot cup of tea.
This week, the Reclaimed Rustic is in honour of the fact that I've almost finished my basement renovations (we ripped out baby blue carpet and tore off Harley Davidson borders, if you can imagine, and repainted everything pretty shades of cream and white to freshen it up). It's the fireplace mantel. Now, this isn't going to be so much a clever new use for it, rather, an interesting, simple and cheaper way of adding the cozy charm of a fireplace without all the work.
I've picked the mantel because I'm at the best stage in the reno, the putting the room back together and decorating it. One of the main projects I tackled was painting the existing fireplace and simple mantel surrounding the wood stove that's downstairs. It was brick - but the ugly late sixties sort of brick, not the nice, soft coloured gorgeous brick. It had some sort of wood mantel that was stained super light all the way around it. It fit with the decor, it's just that the decor was awful. Plus, it's the focal point of the room! Also, it's a basement and basements can be dark. Actually, there does happen to be quite a bit of natural light in that area, which is a bonus, but still, it needed be brighter to reflect all that light. So, I scrubbed and sanded and finally painted it white. Oh, what a difference it makes! It's like that entire corner has come alive. I can't wait to post pictures of what it all looks like once it's back together - oh, and to dig up old photos to show you a before shot!
Anyway, here are some examples of great faux fireplaces. It doesn't even matter that it's not an existing fireplace - it still adds comfort and warmth - just in more of a visual way!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this is an actual fireplace, but I just loved it so much I couldn't resist throwing it in there! Just look at those floors! And how great is that little window bench, and the old chair and bucket of kindling? I was so inspired by this photo.

This particular mantel houses some sort of domed artwork. It's a charming little addition and the grayish tones of the mantel add a little more depth and contrast to the whites in the rest of the room without being overpowering.

This is just gorgeous as well! I love that they've kept the mantel unpainted. It brings so much life to this bathroom! And, did you notice the old painted tiles in place of the actual fireplace?

This is great also; there are a few too many architectural pieces for me but I can appreciate it. The mantle as the headboard is such a grand piece. Notice the old windows and doors as the frame?


  1. Beautiful Maria!! I am sooo inspired! Ideas are swirling in my head!! :)

  2. ahhh! love this idea. Can't wait to see the final outcome!

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  5. Maria, I have fallen in love with your website. You are truly gifted, thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas, photos, recipes, the list is endless. I have just discovered how much I enjoy restoring old windows for home decor and gifts. I have a long way to go since I have zero artistic abilities, and am currently teaching myself through viewing the works of others, but it brings so much joy into my days. Thank you for your constant inspiration.

  6. your place is so special , i love it , i love a chandelier in the Bath, so romantic . the whole place is wonderful.

  7. I really like the tub. I always wanted a bathroom like the one in the picture. I also love the window in the bathroom. You need a good amount of natural light in a bathroom.

  8. Is the white rustic coffee table for sale? If not could you give me the dimensions

  9. Love the coffee table. Could you please give the dimensions. Is it for sale?


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