Thursday, August 12, 2010

RECLAIMED RUSTICS ~ The Vintage Bird Cage

This week's featured Reclaimed Rustic item is the vintage bird cage. So versatile and so gorgeous! While searching for photos to illustrate the beauty of these simple and functional pieces, I came across some of the most intricate and interesting bird cages I've ever seen. Some of them were smaller but with great detail, others where free-standing, giant bird houses with ornate details. I loved each one of them!
I only have two old cages in my house; one old green one on display above my cabinets in my kitchen and the other an old rustic piece that sits in my sun room. I actually have a pretty white parakeet that we adopted this year but she's in just a simple white cage. I'm still looking for the perfect little vintage house for her to call home.
Aside from the obvious, bird cages have many uses. As shown below, they make great centerpieces for weddings or dinner parties, they look fabulous displayed together or even just alone maybe filled with some vintage books and a little bud vase. Whatever their use, they're so charming they even look great standing alone.
Bird cages just aren't made like this anymore, and, for the life of me, I can't figure out why not. I mean they were obviously functional and came in any desired shape, size or colour. There are bird cages to suit any decor or personal taste and any type of bird! But, today we resort to boring, white metal cages. Sadly, I guess, that's because that's all that's available at the pet shops.
Whatever the case, these enjoy these beauties!
(Oh and my parakeet, Lola, is sitting in our sun room off the kitchen and singing her heart out while I'm writing this. I always wanted a singing bird in my kitchen but it's rather messy, so, in the sun room she sits. She prefers it actually because it's all windows and overlooks our property out back. Just out her window is a big old tree that's home to many different birds - sometimes, when I have the windows open, I think she thinks she's outside with them!)
I think every one of the cages are amazing! They're all so different and beautiful! And they look gorgeous together! And, normally, I always gravitate towards any shade of white. In this case however, I love the rich colours!

The make such unique centerpieces!
This is my favourite old birdcage that I found at an antique store not too far from here. It was sitting outside in pieces, waiting for the owners son to come pick it up to repair it. When I asked to buy it as is, she didn't seem to understand that I didn't mind that it was in rougher shape - it had so much character. It would have been a shame to paint it and make it look like new! I prefer it more rustic and aged. I bought it for $7.50 and it's now on display in my sun room. It's such a beautiful cage.


  1. Ohh I LOVE your birdcage! What a find and so inexpensive too! Glad that you had a restful vacation and that to see you blogging again. Keep up the great work. Your articles are always so enjoyable to read!

  2. I never knew bird cages could be so beautiful. It's like bird cage making is a art.

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