Friday, February 25, 2011

All In A Day's Work

 Yesterday, with the threatening snow storm keeping me off the roads, I was forced to stay home and make myself busy. I knew from countless e-mails, back and forth, that my husband was going crazy at work, trying to get everything done so he could have tomorrow off. We are heading out of town for a wedding and decided, since it'll be just the two of us, to make a weekend of it.

Now, I have a list of a million things that I can do in my house. I've got rooms that can be de-cluttered, painting to do, mending and ironing, and the list goes on. But, many of the things I felt like doing, like sewing some new throw pillows, or painting my guest room, were new projects. I forced myself decided that my time would be best spent getting some much needed cleaning done. The unusually warm day this week brought hope for spring, and with spring comes spring cleaning. I figured, even though it's only the end of February, it wouldn't hurt to get a head start.

I spent the entire day puttering around the kitchen. Shelves were cleaned,walls were wiped and floors were scrubbed. This gave me a chance to do a bit of budget redecorating, as in taking items from around the house and finding a new home for them. Does anyone else do that or is it just me? I call it shopping the house. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can pull together from other rooms, or things that I've forgotten about.

By the end of the day, everything was tidy and put back together.... just in time for me to have to make dinner. I opted for something easy; home made pea soup (which requires minimal prep and a quick clean up).

Here are a few pieces I relocated, which freshened up my shelves a bit.

Have a lovely weekend! We're heading out super early tomorrow so we can open the Toronto farmers market. That means the best pastries and the greasiest of breakfasts! From here, we're heading North to ski country for our friend's winter wedding. I'm sure that I'll be stopping along the way at as many little antique shops as I can!

 I added a few small ironstone pitchers I had.

 This is my favourite little ironstone serving dish. the delicate gold trim plays up the gold script on my vintage encyclopedia of food - a Christmas gift from my husband a couple years ago.

I added a few little jars of old silverware, and a little goblet of some odd teaspoons I've found along the way. 

This old H was from an old storefront. I've had it for a few years, but for some reason, haven't really used until now! I don't know why, because I love it. It makes a simple focal point on the shelves and adds some height. 

These parlor spoons look great in this old Ball jar. It's got that rusty old clasp for the top. 

And finally, I added a couple simple white pitchers beside my sink. One holds my brushes and things for dishes, and the other is the perfect petite little pitcher for a few flower cuttings. These are now a week old, and they look just as nice as they did last weekend!


  1. I agree that a good cleaning inspires moving things around. I'm in a decluttering mood right now, so the local thrift will be getting a whole bunch of stuff soon. Enjoy your weekend away!

  2. I love to spring clean! It's a joy to open the windows, declutter, paint, and scrub. It's still too cold to really get started here (7 degrees above zero today), but I hope it will be soon. Your new arrangements are lovely!

  3. Love all your sprucing up! That is what I need to do next. Have a great time on your fun weekend!

  4. It is those moments we are granted - to stay home and "be" that gives way to the simplest pleasures, cleaning and de-cluttering Yes can be a pleasure for it gives us such a freeing feeling and a place to dreams new dreams. Your vignette is gorgeous --- truly an inspiring space.


  5. Hi Maria...I have visited your blog a few times and every time I come back I am amazed at how pretty everything is. I love walking around my house and moving things from here to there. Sounds like you do as well. I'm following you now and I've added you to my blog roll so I can catch your latest posts. Come visit my blog if you have time. Nice to meet you and I hope you have a good time at the wedding! ~Ann

  6. I always love when you show us pretty pictures of your's alway so bright and fresh in your home.
    Have fun this weekend!

  7. i am forever shopping my home!!
    enjoy your weekend :)

  8. Spring cleaning and shopping the house! Luv it!!!! Will be doing some of that tomorrow! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. It looks beautiful, very Norwegian/Swedish. I love your big grey 'H' too. We are welcoming in the first day of Autumn here in Australia tomorrow and I am looking forward to the change.
    Ness xx

  10. Hope you have a blast at your friends wedding! Love all your lovely touches!


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