Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awaiting Spring

An Amaryllis bulb ready to burst into three, giant white blooms!

 I just wanted to share a few little bits of spring that are brightening up my house.

Today was gorgeous, as I mentioned previously. I have enjoyed having the window open, while the sun streams in. I've been craving a break from all this snow and cold, and today was exactly what I needed. It's so refreshing to feel a slight breeze in the house, and the warmth of the sun.

However, the weather won't be staying like this for much longer! Spring is still a while away. That doesn't mean it can't feel a little more like spring inside until then!

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home is with some gorgeous flowers. Cut flowers can get expensive to replace each week, so why not add some potted bulbs around your home?

There are a few particular favourites this time of year for me, like white Hiacynths, which look gorgeous (and smell even more amazing!) in old ironstone serving dishes. And, another favourite would be Paperwhites. I've had pails of them (literally), in my bay window for a few weeks already. They last a decent amount of time, but once they start looking a little droopy, I swap them out for new ones.

Currently, my Amaryllis bulbs are in full bloom. They are tall and elegant, and have huge, bell shaped blooms. I plant mine in large, pedestal glass vases so they look extra tall. They make a dramatic centerpiece.

And, a new addition, is a small little fern, which looks lovely in a small tabletop greenhouse.

These arrangements and bits of green bring so much joy! They make the house feel alive, and add hints of fragrance to each room. They're the perfect pick-me-up, and a great way to celebrate the coming of the new season.

 I love this little terrarium and the fern was $2!

A simple, white enamel pitcher full of white Azaleas and white Waxflower. It's a $10 bouquet and it lasts and lasts! The Azalea blooms remind me of cherry blossoms and the tiny waxflowers always remind me of wild flowers! 

 Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. oh, we're ready and waiting.
    I heard a robin this morning at 5am

    woot woot

  2. Your Amaryllis is going to be gorgeous with 3 big blooms! I wish I had bought one {or two} at Christmas when they all went on sale. I love waxflowers, too. A lot of bang for your buck!!

    Hang on, spring will be here before we know it!


  3. Yes, they are gorgeous!

  4. HI my package today,thank you so much for all the lovely tags!!! The tea towels are just perfect!! Made my day...x0x0

  5. Wow, you're truly a girl after my own heart! I love gardening, inside and out.

  6. I think we are all ready for spring. It's been such a harsh winter across the country that I think we are all doing things in our homes to make it feel like an early spring. I love your flowers and plants and your pictures are beautiful.

  7. Beautiful flowers Maria! I love white flowers especially tulips this time of year.

    We are in for another whallop tonight. 6-10 inches of more snow and there are still 7,500 people in our county without power from the ice storm that hit Sunday night. I am definitely ready for winter to make it's exit.

  8. Lovely flowers, Maria!

    I think we're all ready for Spring to get here. We have rain and cold temps this weekend. Enjoy your bit of sunshine. :)


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