Monday, February 21, 2011

Workshop Makeover

The workshop is finally done!

It's nothing glamorous, but it's functional. It houses everything that I need for my Etsy shop, for any sewing projects and for all of my creating. It was important for me to have a space to do the things I needed to do, without having to worry about clutter and mess.

Ideally, I would love to have a beautiful office space that matches the decor of my house, but really, that's totally not practical for me. I need a space that is functional, with tons of storage, that I can close the door to when the day is over, whether I'm finished what I was doing or not.

So, the most practical place was in my basement. Our basement is partially finished with a bedroom, cellar and family room, but the rest is still unfinished. The unfinished section is my laundry area, and now this work space. Because it's unfinished, it means ugly cement and exposed ceilings, but who cares! I just filled it with things that inspired me and I don't even notice!

Anyway, so here's a peak at what it looks like.

Apothecary jars house packaging bits like twine, tags and postage. An old condiment carrier fitted with little goblets is perfect for holding jars of paper punches, flash cards and other little goodies I add to my packages.

The vintage pieces give the space charm and make it more personal for me!

I tacked images of some of my favourite things to the back wall of my desk, under the shelves.

My inspiration board - always changing and evolving with my tastes and styles.

A massive drafting desk, which is super industrial, is my actual desk. It's nice and high, and has tons of working space! This is especially handy for packaging - something I'm constantly doing with the shop!

Behind the desk is a giant work bench. It's the length of the whole space and really rustic! I love it. It's perfect for storing everything! Also, the top is really rough, which means I don't have to worry about damaging anything when I'm stenciling or painting. One end houses my sewing machine and baskets of fabric scraps.

And finally, my main inspiration. It's always nice being encouraged!


  1. what a great space! You'd never know that it's in part of your unfinished basement! The jars are both smart and charming and I love how you've filled your space with inspirational touches. love it! :)

  2. Looks very nice! I'm also in the process of creating a workspace for the basement bedroom! My problem is that I am a container queen and it's starting to look a little crazy...think I'll have to declutter it before I post about it LOL

  3. BEEEEautiful! The inspiration board is stunning as is the chaulkboard above! Such a cozy and creative spot!

  4. Love your space Maria!! Love the vintage peices...they add so much charm!

  5. How sweet! I love it. Very functional yet pretty!

  6. What a wonderful spot to create! I enjoy your proverb Inspiration!

    it's my lifeblood ... oh and the right tools.

    Mine cannot compare to yours!

  8. Beauty and function...perfect! Very pretty and the those are words to live by.

  9. I love that verse in Proverbs and something I constantly use as my inspiration and I adore your work space!!! Xoxoxo

  10. Your work space is perfect!

  11. Well I for one think its beautiful...I could spend hours and hours in there!!!! xo

  12. Love your space Maria. It's really kinda neat to read what you wrote. I was inspired last night after reading someone else's post, and redid my work area in my basement/laundry area. Yours sounds just like mine. However my table area is much higher and is actually an old door on top of four rubber bins. Not the greatest for a desk, but it works! Love yours! Enjoy!
    Tammy :)

  13. What a wonderful place to work. I am trying to tackle my own office in between all of the work-from-home madness. Good on you for getting it done.
    Ness xx

  14. I really love your work space Maria. It looks so cozy yet very functional.

  15. what a fabulous study, such great ideas - I might steal a few for my study!!! well done - very glamorous!!!

  16. I love how beautiful you made what you had to work with! I'd love to know where you got those metal bins attached to the side of your desk top. They'd be great for children's books in my home!!

  17. nice Maria! I think just yesterday there was a house tour on Apt. Therapy where the house was all cement floors( not nice ones either) and it was such a beautiful space! It just goes to show that if you have a good eye and the passion and drive to make a space work then you can make it work! You've definitely got both of those characteristics going for you and you've done an amazing job! I love this:)


  18. it turned out perfecvt and so you, the colors, the furniture, the place for everything. great job.


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