Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dinner Party Dilema

I have a dilemma - a dinner party dilemma!

At the end of February, it's my parents 24th wedding anniversary. I'm having them over, along with my mom's sister, for a full dinner with wine tastings. Usually, a night like this takes me a while to plan, since it takes me a while to settle on just one idea.

An important part of the evening is the tablescape. I always end up with a theme. The problem is, I can't figure out which one to go with!

So, I thought to myself - have a vote! The tablescape with the most votes will be the choice for the evening.

Here are each of my three themes. Leave a comment letting me know which one you like as your vote!

The first tablescape is Romantically Rustic. Fragrant bouquets of lavender, vintage ephemera and tarnished and torn accents make this tablescape romantic with a shabby, rustic feel.

Vintage sheet music is used as a place mat. Each place setting is adorned with a posy of lavender and a vintage post card.

Old candles are placed on rusty old trays.

The next tablescape is Pretty, Polished and Pink. Silver candlesticks, white napkins with pretty lace detail, and luscious roses in shades of pink all come together for a charming tablescape.

Mismatched tea cups and saucers in various shades of pink make a lovely little bud vase for a rose bloom.

A hand-tied bouquet of pink garden roses make the prettiest arrangement, especially when they sit on top of books of old poetry!

These darling little white cloches were a gift from my sister (she knows me well!). They make perfect little butter pats!

The final tablescape is Neutral Nesting. The simple, neutral colours of this tablescape suit the whimsical bits of nature. Nests tucked under glass cloches, old clay pots and a wooden lantern all make this setting simply divine.

Strips of burlap make great place mats. An old, weathered clay pot holds a hand-made nest of Spanish moss and a clay robins egg. A simple bit of twine tied around the pot ties in the burlap.

Glass cloches make for great centerpiece displays. Nests, clay birds and old books add a natural touch.

So, which do you like best?

Leave your comment and vote!


  1. I like the nesting one the best! the others seem more geared just for women, where the last has a manly bent as well :)

  2. They are all beautiful, Maria. My personal taste leans toward the rustic, so I have to say that's what I would do. Have a great time! :-)


  3. Oh my goodness, no wonder you have a dilemma!! Each idea is just lovely! I am partial to the pink for sure.

  4. Honestly, they're all just beautiful! I love when a table is set so pretty for a party...I would go with the nesting one. It's comforting and grounding for an anniversary without being too frilly for the men.
    I hope you take pictures of the table when it's all done and ready for your guests.
    You have a lovely blog and such beautiful ideas ~ glad I found you!
    Sarah xo

  5. These are all amazing but I personally like the pretty polished and pink one it just seems more romantic for an anniversary party.

  6. Loving the Romantically Rustic!!

  7. Which would your parents enjoy most? They are lovely!

  8. I, personally, LOVE LOVE the first one. They are all great, but that first one just spoke strongest to me.

  9. I love each and every one, but for your parents' anniversary I think the pretty, polished and pink is perfect. The nesting theme would be so lovely for a baby shower and the rustic theme, really for anytime. Like I said, I love them all!

  10. The hint of burlap in the third setting sold me! They are all gorgeous though:)

  11. These are all so beautiful! I can't stop staring at the gorgeous pictures! Honestly they are all beautiful and I think equally my favorite, but for the occasion I think I'd vote for the romantically rustic theme. Love it all!
    PS- where did your sister find those white cloches? Love them!

  12. i love the romantic roses in teacups but you know that your Dad will always lean towards the natural one with the bird's nests.....Auntie Kim and Uncle Nelson will say all three are fabulous so whatever they are all nice.....what are we eating?

  13. They are all beautiful but my vote is the nesting one, #3. Sounds like it will be a fun evening.

  14. Gotta say I love the first one the most! Romanticly Rustic - love that title for it!

  15. They are all so lovely but the nesting is my favorite! Looks like it will be a wonderful evening!

  16. They are all fabulous. HOwever I will put my vote in for #1.
    Have fun!

  17. My sweetie and I will celebrate our 24th this year too...I vote for romantic rustic. :)

  18. I heart the Romantic Rustic! Each is elegant though! :)

  19. They are all lovely, but I also think the pretty pink and polished suits the anniversary well. Any of the three will I'm sure be appreciated for the attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

  20. I think the Pretty Pink speaks to an anniversary celebration.

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