Thursday, October 28, 2010

BROWSE LIST ~ Featuring Beauty Safari and Giveaway Chance!

I recently found myself in Jordan Village with a little bit of extra time to kill. I've visited this store, Beauty Safari, a few times before and love how luxurious it is. I thought I would post a few photos for a sneak peak. They have some really great lines available and even better ideas for Christmas shopping. From soaps and bath bombs, to fabulous pillows and fun shower caps, there's a gift for anyone on your list. Yes, the men too!
Pop in sometime and prepare to be wowed. Or, if you can't make it out, check out their website here.

Yes, the furniture pieces are available to purchase... and they're gorgeous!

Doesn't it look fabulous!

Also, as for a giveaway!! - Head over to My Sweet Savannah: here , and check out the lovely little giveaway that you can enter to win! She's giving you four chances to win a $50 gift certificate to sosobella. Use it for a little something pretty for yourself or check off one more thing from your Christmas list! While you're there, take a peak around her blog. I promise you'll find more than a few fantastic ideas and inspirations! It's one of my favourite reads!


  1. what an amazing shop! we haven't visited in that area for quite a while - I'll definitely make point of stopping there next time we do :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments about our store. We always do our best to introduce new and unusual items and have some new prestige brands from France we'll be introducing in the Spring/Summer of 2011. Come visit us and do check out the rest of Jordan Village with it's spa/inn/hotel/restaurants and other lovely boutiques. You can easily spend a day pottering about.

    Best regards to you and your readers,

    Alex and Ruth, Beauty Safari


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