Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Tag Sale ~ A Few Extras

Here are just a few extra shots that my mother-in-law took from the Vintage Tag Sale a few weeks ago.

The gorgeous fall arrangements my mother made - they suited the old sap buckets and wooden crates perfectly! It made for a rustic flower stand that greeted each visitor as they walked in.
Due to the rain, we ended up converting my garage into a little shop. It turned out so cozy and added a lot of character.

Some of the people that stopped in ~ almost all of which walked out with something which was so appreciated and encouraging!


  1. Oh I wish I had of known..did the turquoise ice cream parlor chair sell???

  2. No it didn't! It's still available if you're interested. You can e-mail me at growersdaughter@gmail.com

  3. I think it is wonderful that you have created several opportunities for yourself to be creative and have sales (the school Christmas sale and this tag sale.) Brilliant and so well presented. If you plan one this year, I will be there rain or shine!

  4. I always love it when people buy things that are really happy with.


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