Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seasonal Decor ~ Fall Arrangements

I have to admit, I'm not much of a seasonal decorator - aside from Christmas that is. Most of my seasonal decorating takes place then and generally that's the extent of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a house that changes with the seasons, it's that mine already changes often enough! I do love to have fresh bouquets of seasonal flowers on display throughout the year, and will dress up my front stoop with some kale, pumpkins and even a mum or two around fall. But decorating my dining room with scurrying mice, creepy silhouettes and faux spider webs is not something I do. I can really appreciate the time and lengths that some people go to this time of year, it's festive and fun. But I just don't have the time.
However, near the end of month, I'm hosting a Harvest Dinner. I love to cook, but more than that, I love to entertain. It's something that I consider one of my strong points. It makes me happy to open my house up to wonderful friends and family and serve them a meal that I've put a lot of effort and time into preparing. I find it very rewarding and always a great time! For this particular dinner, this my main objective was this: to prepare a 5 course dinner, with only fresh, local and seasonal ingredients as well as pairing a complimentary wine with each course from 5 local wineries. There will be roughly 6 couples attending and each will have a pre-selected bottle of wine to bring and share with a course in exchange for a full dinner. It's a big order to fill and it's taking a lot of time and thought to prepare, but, I'm loving every minute of it! One of the things that I always consider is my tablescape. Obviously, being fall and a harvest dinner, my goal is to create something that boasts the beauty of the season. While looking for some online inspiration, these are a few arrangements that caught my attention.

This is such a dramatic buffet display! I love it and l adore the lovely old stand and the use of all things fall! And, what's more fall than gorgeous transferware?

I love the look of a pumpkin nestled in an old rusty urn. Tracey over at My Sweet Savannah, recently posted an update on her season decor - along with it was a gorgeous urn like this with a white pumpkin (my favourite) resting on top of a bed of Spanish moss - gorgeous!
Click here to view it!
From Martha Stewart, the queen of seasonal anything!, this gorgeous urn full of Seeded Eucalyptus and Ornamental Cabbages is a pretty take on fall.

This urn is just natural beautiful. I love the addition of the remaining heads of the Black Eyed Susan and Cone Flowers. It's great for outside and easy to arrange.


  1. I absolutely adore the autumnal designs that you posted here. Fall is my favorite season for flower arrangements . You are in a very beautiful area of New York. As a New York City florist shop I am always trying to bring country charm and style in amongst all of the modern design that we do. I absolutely love when I get to do an event in your area. Keep designing!

  2. Thanks - but these aren't my work - Country Living and MSL, and also, I'm from Canada. You have beautiful work though!

  3. Halloween decorations aren't always the most flattering. I know that Christmas decorations are the type you can leave on almost year round. Everyone wants to feel the Christmas joy. I don't think people want to feel the Halloween spirit all year round though.


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