Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seasonal Decor ~ Hints of Hallowe'en

So, although I don't normally pull out all the stops for Halloween decorating, this month, I have a few dinner parties that would be a little more festive with some seasonal decor. Not too spooky and I don't do creepy. But, I do do rustic! Tattered books, chippy white paints, vintage ephemera - I have it all. So, why not give it a little fall flair? Here are a few things I've been working on before I pull it all together for the dinner parties... Halloween Hints if you will.
Ripped old books and rusty iron.

The coverless books add a little bit of extra ratty to the whole look.

Lots of old gourds are festive, but they looks even more whimsical on tarnished silver trays with lots of Spanish moss.

Some dried lavender I picked up for bouquets around the house.
A new message board I picked up this weekend filled with old ephemera adds lots of character!

There's always something so interesting about old apothecary bottles.

Full tablescapes to come after the parties!


  1. The message board looks awesome!! Good find! ^^

  2. I am not stalking your blog,well I guess I kinda am,I saw on here somewhere an image of a old blue truck and I can't find it :s
    p.s I posted your blog on my facebook today..it is one of my very fav's!!

  3. Thanks Natalie!! Also, the picture of the old blue truck is one post older than this one - so "A Weekend of Fall Festivities".

  4. Your style is so classy! I shared about your message board frame in my latest post. Thank you so much for the inspiration!



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