Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Tag Sale ~ Photos

Alright, so these aren't the best photos (it was mainly set up in my garage-turned-shop/studio thanks to my dad) and the lighting is just awful in there on a dreary day (yep, it rained all afternoon). But, they're photos nonetheless and at least they're a little peak into what the day was like.

The sale itself exceeded my expectations. There's no way I could have accomplished all of it without the help of my mother-in-law's painting skills and good eye and the hard work and market expertise of my parents and sisters. There was just so much stuff and a list too long for me to handle on my own! It was my first sale but it's been something in the making for a long time now. I had a precise image of how it would look and go in my mind and I was most fearful of it not living up to my own high expectations. Needless to say, once it was all set up, I was even blown away. First of all, I didn't know I had that much stuff! And second, I didn't know it would look that good all together! My mom filled white platters with baking; butter tarts, raspberry tarts and an assortment of cookies, all to be sold with a hot cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee - the perfect treat on a rainy fall afternoon. We were blessed with a sunny, dry morning which meant that we had a chance to sell pretty much everything displayed in my back yard. By the time the rain came in the afternoon, everything could fit snugly in my garage with the main display. My father had brought van loads of huge fall mums in every colour along with an assortment of heather, ornamental kale, curly willow branches and even white pumpkins. He helped set up a little flower market stand fashioned from old wooden crates that we tiered and rusty old sap buckets filled with cut flowers. My mom designed some gorgeous fall bouquets with red hypercum, greenery, sunflowers cabbages and some sprigs of willow. As fast as she was making them, people were grabbing them. While I was busy chatting with my customers and being as helpful as possible, my mother-in-law was busy in the garage. It was set up as a little shop with all the more delicate vintage treasures. She spent the whole day wrapping peoples purchases and reorganizing displays so that everything always looked perfect. I didn't have to worry about a thing the entire day!

The feedback that I received far exceeded my expectations. I was asked to participate in upcoming shows, offered a chance to sell some of my larger pieces on consignment in an up and coming shop downtown, and constantly informed that an open house once a year was simply not enough. I enjoyed every comment I overheard about how gorgeous everything was and couldn't have been happier to share my findings with more lovely bunch of people! It was everything I had hoped it would be and more and I cannot wait to start shopping for the next show... or possibly, an open house in the Spring? It was a big day for me - after all, so many of the shops I adore today started off in a small studio or garage! Everyone has to start somewhere right? For now, I'm content just being a part of the occasional event here and there until I'm ready to pursue the next step - a shop of my own.


  1. Oh Maria! I am really looking forward to the next time you have a sale and so glad it turned out beyond what you imagined:) i have a feeling you'll do some great things with this!

  2. It looks fantastic!! My mom said it was beautiful; and she LOVES the dresser she bought!! ^^

  3. ok I admit that I had my doubts that you could pull this huge task off in so little time but we were genuinely impressed with how hard you worked and we had fun helping with the process.

    It looked beautiful and considering the weather forecast called for rain overall it was a great day and just a little wet in the afternoon. You did great and it looked awesome and you have a special talent and eye for setting things so nicely....

    Good job!

  4. Dear Anonymous (aka mom),

    There was no possible way I could have pulled off what I did without the nights of hard work (and the work the day of) that you guys put in as well.


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