Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She Said Yes!

I got a very happy phone call later last night from my sister, Becki. She had just spent the weekend up North with her boyfriend, visiting family and enjoy a little holiday, at the end of which he popped the question. Of course, she was ecstatic (as we all were) and was calling to share the wonderful news with everyone. All of us girls had to be there when they got home to share our congratulations, hear the story and of course, see the ring! After asking each of us to be her bridemaids, including her sister-in-law-to-be, the wedding plans commenced. Oh, how I love wedding planning!
Congratulations Becki and Nathan!!!

The ring... isn't it stunning?!
Of course, I couldn't help attaching a couple of wedding inspirations! The wedding will the early June (perfect!) and she seems to be leaning towards purple for her colours. These two weddings are so gorgeous!


  1. Congrats Becki & Nathan! Such wonderful news! All the best to you guys! :)

  2. So happy to hear this news!

    I think I have commented in every social media forum I can think of... And it will just have to do for now, seeing as I can't run across the driveways to jump up and down and scream with glee like I really want to.

  3. so so very happy for becki and nathan!
    what a dream come true...

    Liz (nath's mom)

  4. Were all very happy for your sister. She looks so happy in the picture.


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